About Hangout.ie

Hangout.ie is a free weekly listings magazine focusing on family events. Hangout.ie researches 100s of events taking place in Dublin every week and hand picks the best ones for you and your family. The best part is we deliver it all straight to your inbox for free! As parents of young children, the idea came about when we were sitting in Howth harbour eating our fish and chips wondering what we would do with our kids that weekend. A search of the internet provided lots of listings but no recommendations or descriptions of events. We decided to use our years of experience working in events and the Arts to put together a curated list of events to keep Dublin families entertained. We always welcome feedback, suggestions and experiences so get in touch with us at our Contact page.


Privacy Policy

All subscriptions to the Hangout.ie have been activated through the submission of the recipient’s e-mail address at the Hangout.ie site. Your e-mail address and any other personal information stays with us and will never be sold or given away to third parties. All personal information is handled within our organisation by employees of the company and is regarded as strictly confidential.