Tales from the Shadows: Gothic Tales at Marsh’s Library

Saturday 29th October 2016

Family Events Tales from the Shadows: Gothic Tales at Marsh's LibraryA stunning shadow puppet show in Marsh’s Library, one of Bram Stokers favourite haunts.

Many things lurk in the shadows and go bump in the night: devious devils, vengeful vampires, gloating goblins and sorrowful spectres to name but a few. If you’re brave enough for some scary stories, come watch the forces of light and darkness do battle and listen to Tales from the Shadows.

When: Sat 29th Oct 2016, 2pm & 4pm
Where: Marsh’s Library, St Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8
How much: Free. First come first served basis
Ages: All ages (parental guidance advised for under 6’s)

For more information see Bram Stoker Festival